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Find specialty Veterinarians

Search our database by specific species, nearby locations, or specialty clinics to find the perfect veterinarian for your animal.

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Locate specialty animal stores

Use our database to find your nearest animal retail location!

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Organize animal Health records

Sort your animal’s health records and appointments in one easy to access location.

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Discover local Animal services

Explore local animal services from new groomers to your next family adventure.

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review & Track products

Create a personalized product playlist and let the AHZ community know what you think!

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Barcode product reader

Read reviews and compare customer ratings for various animal products while shopping in stores. Use community feedback to make the best decision for your family.

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Welcome to AnimalHouzz!

The only one-stop resource meeting the needs of animal lovers great and small. Find qualified professionals, get ahead of the trends, and learn new things specifically geared toward your animal, all while connecting with like-minded animal lovers from around the world.

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    Find veterinarians that cater to your animal's needs
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    Review and keep track your animal's favorite products
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    Keep your animal's health records in one place
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    Animal product barcode reader for in store decision making

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What Animals are saying about animalhouzz:

Finally, my hoomans can keep track of my records and favorite treats. Eliminating all of the guess work! Such a relief!

Scout Bear

Love that my people can review toys and treats that I love, so other dogs can enjoy them as much as I do!

Princess Leia Marie

Pretty impressed with AnimalHouzz so far! My two leggers can keep track of my health, like I keep track of my bones.

Sawyer Bean

The community for animal lovers!

AnimalHouzz seeks to empower & educate animal lovers

while transparently transforming the animal industry.

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A top tier tool for animal parents

A complex resource for securely storing your animal's records.

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Build a Strong Community

Build a community where people can will follow your insights and recommendations.

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User Friendly App

Animal lovers from all ages and technological backgrounds will find ease using the app!

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AnimalHouzz is the first online platform for connecting animal owners and the animal industry via a mobile application; the app for humans and the animals they love. We look forward to connecting and working with like-minded animal lovers. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in investing or partnering with AnimalHouzz.

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